Music Video & Album Release
       "Fluff the Goodness,       
          Live Your Love         
 every breath is a cosmic hug!" 
      Shamanatrix Missy Galore    

Shamanatrix Missy Galore is a spirit'ainment performing artist: singer / songwriter, stand up comedian, and servant of cosmic love

I am a singer songwriter of Wild Flower Mantras ~ love songs from the heart of creation 
that connect us with spirit and empower hearts to live in love

teach Fluff the Goodness & Ecstatic Aura Fluffing Workshops to people of all ages 
Epigenetic emotional alchemy= how to move thru life's challenges with laughter and love

MC + Hosts Events: Cultivating joyful unity + holding space with grace at Gatherings of Goodness: Festivals, Concerts, Conferences, Performances + Special Events  ~ Live & Recorded
I love freestyle prose and all that flows in the inspiration of the moment
Some call me the Singing MC since I make up songs spontaneously 
melodically melding information into inspirational incantations

  "The culture we create becomes the fabric of our existence, this knowledge is power. 
Gathered in groups or galactavating art ~ we are co creating heart to heart. 
Everything we share together is a gift, in gratitude I thank you for this!
It is vital to me that my work be of benefit and service." 
  ~  MiSSY   

 I love to share goodness on the mic 
   Unifying the field in flow with joyful glow MiSSY enhances any show 
  with her signature sweetness and playful prowess  
ny native

  now living on California's bless coast  

My offerings span the globe ~ the United Nations, the Guggenheim Museum, the Warhol Museum

Festivals:  Bhakti Fest, Heart Bliss, Raw Spirit, One Love, Whole Being, Prana Fest,  
Film: We Live In PublicSundance Winner & MOMA film of note
Centers:  The Source, The Happiness Institute, New Eden
Co-founder of the FBG Feedbuck Galore Art Group 
Liscensed radio DJ ~ on air host for WRCT FM & WYEP FM  talk radio & music formats

Yes on
US being the change we wish to see in the world ~ LOVELUTION IS THE SOLUTION ! <3 !